Senior Moments Racing
May your senior moments be quick!!!
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Hugh Robertson


"Dr. Speed"
Dave Carlisle
New 2006 CRG/Kali/Rotax


Gerry Florez


Steve Nakajima


Eric Campbell (pictured far right in brown shirt) is a very patient, world class, race driver instructor and mechanic. He tries real hard to make us better racers -- but progress is slow and painful for him!!! We think that he sticks with us for the laughs!

"Racing is life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting." Quote by Michael Delaney (Steve McQueen) in the movie Le Mans.

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Hugh, Gerry, Dave, Steve
Dave takes First Place in the very competitive Russell Race Series in 2005. Picture taken at Dave's 2004 season 2nd Place finish.


Reunion of Team Perfect Laps at the 2005 King Taco Race at California Speedway road course. Pictured left to right: Hugh, Dave Leflang, Steve, Gerry, Eric Campbell and Dave - with Rotax/Paul Tracy karts in the garage.